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Red Sea wreck diving

buceo en el umbria

The wrecks are one of the main attractions of diving in the Red Sea. This sea gives us the incredible feeling of diving in the remains of battles of World War II, in boats that represents recent tragedies that took the lives of hundreds of people, to see the consequences of navigation errors occurred over a …

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The Sibenik Archipelago -Croatia

The coastal waters of Sibenik contain an Archipelago made up of 249 islands. These little islands make marvelous getaways if you’re looking for a rustic vacation experience especially by a yacht charter or boat. The islands include: Murter Island – Murter is the biggest and most populated island in the archipelago, with easy to access via a …

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Sha’ab Rumi, Jacques Cousteau´s laboratory

sudan diving

Sha’ab Rumi is possibly the most famous and dived reef around Sudan. Beacuse of its past, where Jacques Cousteau created his experiments of Conshelf II and where he filmed the movie «World without sun», shark sightings and incredible number of reef species that dwell therein deserves a diving trip. The reef, located 48 kilometers off Port Sudan, is one of …

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