Dalmatian Islands in Croatia

The Dalmatian Islands in Croatia are a great diving destination. Recreational diving is one of the country’s leading attractions because of its proximity to the Adriatic Sea. The islands have captivating underwater scenery and warm cobalt- blue waters. There are several dive centers on the islands. These centers provide all essential diving equipment. All you need to carry is a towel and swimsuit. Dalmatian coast cruises offer a wonderful way to explore the breathtaking islands and Croatia’s impressive underwater world. The cruises attract numerous tourists from different regions of the world. 

croatia's islands

Plan your diving holiday around the country’s cultural events for an unforgettable experience. Croatia is renowned for its festivals and concerts, which are usually held between July and August. You can enjoy some theater, ballet, music, and opera performances in the evenings after your diving adventures. A diving holiday on the Dalmatian islands also gives you a chance to savor Croatia’s wine. Some of the coast cruises include visits to several local vineyards. 

Dive Options

The islands offer various dive options for diving enthusiasts. You can enjoy wreck, reef, and cave dives during your cruise. Croatia’s sea is also ideal for nighttime, drift, and wall dives. There are several underwater canyons and cliffs to discover in these waters which makes Croatia the perfect diving hotspot. 

Underwater Treasures

Diving on the Dalmatian Islands gives you a chance to explore some of the best wrecks on the globe including underwater graves, merchant ships, ferries, submarines, airplanes, and warships. Some of the best wreck sites include Taranto, Margarina, Lina, and Baron Gautsch. 

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Sea Caves

Croatia’s waters are home to several caves. There are thousands of caves to discover during a diving trip on the islands. Several professional divers have visited these caves. They are quite deep, requiring divers to use special gear. The caves feature dazzling corals, stalactites, and stalagmites. Cave diving has gained popularity over the years and most tourists consider it an exciting way to explore the Adriatic Sea’s incredible marine life. 

Diving Season

Diving season on the Dalmatian islands is between May and November. If you prefer fewer crowds, organize your cruise between September and October. The water temperature ranges from 71 to 75 degrees during this period but it can decrease slightly during deep dives. The Dalmatian Islands offer you a chance to enjoy warm waters most of the year. 


Flora and Fauna

Diving in Croatia’s waters allows you to explore a variety of flora and fauna species. There are thousands of sponges, crabs, mammals, urchins, and mammal species to discover in the area. 

Diving Requirements

Consult experienced guides before your diving holiday. Several dives are restricted to expert divers. You will also need a diving permit to allow you to enjoy legal dives. The permits are easily accessible from any of the dive centers on the islands. Carry your passport and diving certification to get the permit.  

Croatia is one of Europe’s best diving destinations. It has a rich diving history and its diverse sea flora and fauna offers an exciting experience for both new and expert divers. Visit one of the many diving sites to explore the impressive Adriatic Sea.

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