The largest gathering of manta rays in the world

Manta rays in Hanifaru Bay, Maldivas. Image by Stephen Wong

There is a place in the world where the power of the moon gathers hundreds of the largest and most peaceful animals that live in the ocean. The Hanifaru bay is placed in a small atoll in the Maldives, the Baa atoll, and it has turned into the largest attraction that any scuba diver (or snorkel or free diving aficionado) can enjoy.

From may to November, thanks to the moon’s influx over the tides, an extraordinary amount of plankton rises from the depths of the Indic Ocean, to fill the water with nutrients. Manta rays larger than 3 meters wide and a ton of weight, joined by 15 meter long whale sharks come to this lost place to feast … and underwater photographers follow them to take the picture of their lives. 

Image by nicoboxethai
Maldivas Hanifaru from Sergi Capdevila

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