Diving in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island is a huge island-city that attracts tourists from all over the world to enjoy the amazing nature views, adventures and to relax and take a breath from the busy work life. Hong Kong has many attractions for tourists such as: the clock tower, Disneyland, ladies market and Sik Sik yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple; also festivals have been a great motivation for tourists like: Hong Kong cultural celebrations, Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnivals and Hong Kong summer fun.

Water activities

What about water activities and festivals? Hong Kong Island is surrounded with the water of the South China Sea. South China Sea is filled with a huge variety of underwater livings; almost 80 species have been recorded and more yet to be recorded. According to its fabulous underwater criteria, Hong Kong Island has been highly famous for diving and water sports.


Where to dive? A wrong diving place won’t give you the experience you are looking forward to have. We advise you have your diving adventure on south and east of Hong Kong Island; particularly from Sai Kung and Wong Shek. There are soft and hard corals down there in the South China Sea; you will enjoy a visibility of 15 meters; you can reach depth of 20 meters. Diving is more of a summer activity as water’s temperature is almost 29°C in summer but reaches a low of 16°C in winter. Winter diving can take place if you go diving wearing dry suit or semi dry suit.

Hong kong island

Diving tips

If you are a beginner, you need to train on diving before actually going for your diving adventure. Diving is an exhausting sport that should not be taken easily. Individuals should be in a good health condition and knows how to swim. Recommendations on thermal protections when diving were given. There is a lot of training classrooms that teach you how to use the equipment you will be provided when you go diving. There are many popular and reputable training centers, BSAC and PADI are examples. After training, you’re ready for a diving adventure; just book and enjoy.

Other things you can do 

After the great diving adventure around Hong Kong Island you can go dine, massage spa or shop; you are totally free to choose what’s next on the list. For shopping in Hong Kong many malls and stores are scattered all around the city; the best three buys in Hong Kong are electrical appliances, clothes and cosmetics. Mong Kok is an excellent distention for shopping along with the neon-bathed historic streets.

Relaxing after diving

Relaxing on a massage bed can also be a good idea after an exhausting trip. Two of the most luxurious massage spas on the island are: Mandarin Original Hong Kong spa and wellness and Chuan Hong Kong massage spa and wellness, their warm welcoming and great services makes you feel like home.

Dinning-in for dinner can be the cherry on the top for such an amazing day. There are more than 60 highly recommended restaurants; the choices are unlimited. You can pick a place with a sea-view on a balcony and remember all the beautiful sights from the underwater life.

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