Daedalus Reef, Red Sea virgin diving area

Oceanic whitetip shark
Oceanic whitetip shark in Daedelus Reef. Pic by sharkbait

Daedalus Reef is an isolated reef, about 80 km from Marsa Alam, halfway between Saudi Arabia and the coasts of Egypt. It has rich waters provided by more than 500 meters depth in some areas and strong currents. This two factors have created an ideal environment for marine life and attracts large pelagic fish like the oceanic whitetip shark or whale sharks but has also helps corals to be healthy. This reef is less than a mile wide but has become one of the best for scuba diving in the Red Sea, with walls full of hard and soft corals and where the best sightings in the area of large schools of hammerhead sharks takes place.

scuba diving in Daedalus Reef
In Daedalus Reef is possible to dive with whale sharks. Pic by Derek Keats

Is also important to note that Daedalus Reef is a marine park where there are not as many divers as in the northern spots thanks to its isolation and this has resulted in an almost virgin territory where life flows. Strong currents receiving this reef tend to run north-south along the steep walls and winds can cause tidal waves and surface waves that sometimes hinder diving. However, the incredible action below the surface will make you forget these difficult conditions once you get in the water.

Diving in the north point can be complicated because of its strong currents but it also ensures visits of predators. This is where you tend to spend the most time of the dives for the visit of pelagic species, mainly schools of hammerhead sharks during summer, and some other interesting species such as barracuda, mackerel or tuna.

The south side offers excellent shelter from prevailing winds from the north and is the preferred mooring point for boats. Usually the current is moderate and you can see some reef sharks and thresher sharks chasing fish stocks.

On the west side wall we find an «Anemone City» similar to the one of Ras Mohammed, where are huge concentrations of anemones and clownfish together with a section with a huge blue coral growth. Going down the east side, in another impressive wall, are also common the thresher sharks. 

daedalus reef
One of the vertiginous walls of Daedalus Reef. Pic by Derek Keats

Throughout the four walls you can enjoy plenty of colorful reef fish like anthias, Red Sea banners, butterfly fish, huge groupers, moray eels, glass fish… Definitely one of the best dive sites in the south of the Red Sea where you´ll find ocean dwellers, from the smallers to the largest.

Where is Daedalus Reef?

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