Diving Apo Island – Philippines

apo island map
Apo Island Map. Imagen by Dive Bongo

More than a diving spot, Apo Island, in Apo Reef, Philippines, should be considered a diving area by the large number of diving points that can be found on this island. This island is located about six kilometers from the east coast of the south island of Negros and Dumaguete. Their dive sites, ranging between 10 and 50 meters deep, have a really amazing profusion of corals: massive table corals, elkhorn corals, brain corals, fire corals, gorgonians, whip corals and a huge variety of soft corals can be found on all dives of this island.

As in many other dive spots in the Philippines,  clownfish are very common Apo Island. Imagen de shrjou 

Both the north, east and south sides stand by great walls which attract reef fish such as giant parrotfish, Picasso trigger fish, clownfish, lion fish, scorpion fish or different reef sharks and some pelagic creatures, from sea turtles to schools of carangidae, hammerhead sharks and manta rays. There is not a diving area for beginners because of its strong currents that can take you to the middle of channel so if you do not have enough experience you would probably go to t the west side of the island, with slopes less pronounced and weaker currents. Dips are huge and spectacular walls on the south side, the north and east of the island.

Where is Apo Island?

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