Diving Clarion Island

diving clarion island
The clarion angelfish, endemic to this island, usually spends the day cleaning the manta rays.

Clarion Island is the second largest island in the  Socorro (or Revillagigedo) archipelago. Located some 240 km west of Socorro Island, has three volcanic peaks with high cliffs. Diving in this island is similar to Socorro Island, with great presence of manta rays, dolphins, hammerhead sharks and many whitetip sharks resting on the ledges. 

Diving Isla Clarión

One of the unique features of this place is the constant presence of the clarion angelfish, named for being endemic to these islands. It is a beautiful fish that has bright blue stripes when young that fade as the fish matures. It is very common to see adults specimens cleaning the manta rays visiting this island.

Where is Clarión Island?

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