Diving Corvo Island, Azores

grouper in azores
In «Caneiro dos Meros» you can see dozens of groupers in a single dive. Image of Philippe Guillaume

Despite being the smallest of the islands of the Azores archipelago, Corvo Island has many interesting diving sites, mainly because it has become a curious case of Voluntary Reserve, giving more importance to diving tourism than fishing.

This prohibition of fishing can be clearly seen in «Caneiro dos Meros», a popular diving spot 150 meters from the coast where you can dive in a single inmmersion with dozens of huge onlookers groupers. For more than a decade this area has been a marine reserve and groupers over 20 kilograms and accustomed to divers do not fear them so you can enjoy here a great diving experience next to these giants.

In this small volcanic island we find several caves and tunnels as «Gamela», an easy dive where you can find shoals of typical Azores species like as sea bream fish, salema porgys, wrasse, fangtooth moray eels or blue whitings. In the deepest area of this point we can peek into the blue to see large groups of barracudas, bonitos or carangidae.

diving in corvo azores
Around the island of Corvo carangidae swirling for food and protection. Image mentalblock_DMD

One of the dives to find pelagic fish in Corvo is «Moldinho» a volcanic cone that emerges from 45 meters to only 4 of the surface. This point, buffeted by moderate currents, is full of groupers and specimens of the stinging anemone Alicia mirabilis lie. Due to its location, 500 meters from shore, it is possible to appreciate pelagic fish such as bluefish carangidae on platforms in shallow water.

Where is Corvo island?

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