Diving in Flores Island, Azores

yellowmouth barracuda
Among the many pelagic creatures visiting Flores island you can find schools of yellowmouth barracudas. Image cquintin

The island of Flores, small in size compared to its neighbors in the Azores archipelago, has much to offer in the surface, with beautiful lakes and lush landscapes, but also in the seabed, with caves and crevices that provide access to a sea full of pelagic species.

One of those dives that will let you see the Atlantic Ocean full of life is «Baixa do Amigo». Just 200 meters from the coast it is an easy dive where you can see yellowmouth barracudas, Atlantic bonitos, mackerel or tuna in large groups. Very close, you can find «Ponta da Caveira» where, besides these migratory fish, you can find underwater caves formed by recent eruptions. On this dive you’ll dive with very common species of Azores like gray triggerfish, black damselfish, ornate wrasses, moray eels, anthias or conger.

Diving spots in Flores island are characterized by large rock formations that give access to caves as the «Gruta do Galo», northeast of the island, with a sandy bottom where the highlight are big rays and large groupers.

The sandy diving spots of Flores Island hide many rays. Image Mal B

One of the must dives for cave diving lovers when visiting Flores island is «La Catedral», a cave close to the coast and situated between 6 and 30 meters deep. Beautiful arches and a sandy bottom gives you the chance to sea black coral formations or groupers in a beautiful landscape filled with different tones of blue.

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    My sisters and I are visiting Flores Island and want to dive on tuesday (23 April). We are both PADI open water certified. Is there possibility in tuesday?

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