Diving Roca Partida, pelagic creatures magnet

Roca Partida is visited by beautiful and huge manta rays. Pic by sheraca

Roca Partida is a small crag only 40 meters high and 100 meters long that emerges from the depths of the Pacific Ocean. It is the smallest island in the Socorro Islands Archipelago and can be surrounded a couple of times on one single dive. This stone pillar is a vertical wall which attracts large pelagic creatures, from the largest whale sharks you’ll ever seen to dolphins, humpback whales on their migration to colder waters, hammerhead sharks, silky sharks or gray sharks, manta rays and huge schools of jacks and tuna. 

Diving with whale sharks in Roca Partida

Beneath the surface the wall descends to huge depths and in the few peaks and horizontal spaces lies numerous groups of whitetip sharks. All you have to do to during this dive to make it one of the best of your life is hang in the blue and watch the ocean go by.

Where is Roca Partida?

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