Diving Secret Bay, Anilao

buceo en filipinas anilao
Secret Bay, one of the greatest mud paradise in the world. Pic by Borneo-Aquanerds

Secret Bay, also known as «Mainit Muck» for its proximity to Mainit, is one of the most popular dive spots in Anilao, Philippines. This muck diving point is highly appreciated by macro photographers worldwide for the quality and quantity of critters that can be found and that the fans of this type of underwater photography should visit at least once in lifetime. actually this diving point is able to overshadow the famous Lembeh Strait.

The diving at Secret Bay is certainly simple, with a maximum depth of 21 meters and with little streams, and from 3 meters deep can be appreciated the immense biodiversity in this area: ghost pipefish, scorpion fish, frogfish, wonderpus, coleman shrimp, dozens of beautiful nudibranchs with electric colors contrasting with the dark bottom, bluering octopus, Bobbit worm… Secret Bay was in danger a couple of years ago as it was used as a waste dump nearby buildings but it seems that these atrocities are over and life is as prolific as ever. One more point and further recommended for night dives.

Where is Secret Bay, Alinao?

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