Diving Twin Rocks, Anilao – Philippines

Diving Twin Rocks, Philippines
In Twin Rocks we can find the best macro and environment scenes around Anilao. Image by Raymond™

Twin Rocks is the most demanded dive site in Anilao, Philippines, and one of the most appreciated by underwater photographers because it allows, in a small area, access to great macro and environment scenery or the great biodiversity that lives around the two rocks that names after this dive spot.

In Twin Rocks you will see from ribbon eels, to schools of carangidae, countless nudibranchs, clownfish, surgeon fish, lionfish, damsels, big barracuda schools, mantis shrimps, Coleman shrimps, porcelain crabs o rabbitfish in a spot where the maximum depth is 16 meters and has a visibility over 20 meters.

Twin Rocks consists of two rocks separated by one meter that receives special protection thanks to its marine sanctuary status where fishing is prohibited, it was a time when cyanide was used to catch fish for aquariums and even dynamite was used for fishing. Today, this history of degradation has led to nutrient-rich water rising from depths close more than 90 meters that feed abundant crinoids, soft corals, sea fans, acropora, blue coral, fire corals…

Where is Twin Rocks?

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