Diving with dugongs in Abu Dabbab, Red Sea

Green turtle in Abu Dabbab
Green turtles are common in Abu Dabbab. Image by mattk1979

Abu Dabbab, located in Marsa Alam, is one of the diving spots of the Red Sea that best symbolizes the term «coral garden». These six shallow reefs are located 4 kilometers off from the coast and you will need to dive them several times to know it all. The most interesting reefs are the two located further east, known as Ithnain and Thalata.

The six reefs are loaded with coral and the profusion of life is extraordinary, highlighting several spectacular residents: a couple of dugongs, sea cows, peaceful as few animals, who spend the day feeding from the sea grass. There can also be found several green turtles accompanied by huge impassive remoras.

The reef is often visited by curious dolphins, huge napoleon wrasse or titan triggerfish. Among the most colorful reef residents you’ll find anthias, butterfly fish, parrot fish, lionfish, bluespotted rays, Red Sea banner fish and the rare Halichoeres hortulanus wrasse. Other strange and rare reef inhabitants are guitar sharks.

Although it is an area that can have strong currents, it is still suitable for all diving levels due to its usual shallow water, becoming a great destination for snorkel in the Red Sea.

A curiosity of this reef is a wreck, the Heaven I, a liveaboard sunk after a fire in 2004. Although it has no other great interest deserves a brief look, where it is possible to see the engine room and front section with many recognizable parts such as lamps, the kitchen sink and a chess board. 

Heaven I wreck
The Heaven I, liveaboard sunk in 2004 in Abu Dabbab. Pic by Pachango

Where is Marsa Abu Dabbab?

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