Diving Woodhouse Reef, Red Sea

Woodhouse Reef briefing
Woodhouse Reef briefing

Woodhouse Reef is a long narrow reef situated between Jackson Reef and Thomas Reef, in the Tiran Straits of the Red Sea. It is a shallow reef with a maximum depth of 30 meters, where the current is a little lower than in the other nearby reefs but in the north side there is an area that divers call «the washing machine» that can be tricky.

Woodhouse reef, Sharm el Sheikh
Woodhouse Reef is visited by large number of pelagic fish. Image by Eric Burgers

The entire reef has impressive coral growth, including black corals from 22 meters deep, on a sandy bottom where many reef species live like surgeon fish, snappers, triggerfish, butterfly fish or angelfish and, as in the other reefs of the strait, is visited by some pelagic creatures like tuna, sea turtles or mackerel.

Diving Woodhouse Reef

One of the most interesting aspects of this reef are sharks, both gray sharks and whitetip sharks are common and sometimes receives visits of hammerhead sharks, stunning groups of eagle rays… and some whale sharks.

Where is Woodhouse Reef?

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