Ras Abu Galum – Dahab, Red Sea

ras abu galum

Ras Abu Galum is part of a 400 km2 in a national park, a protected in the far north of Dahab. In addition to diving, has other interesting activities like camel rides, visits to Bedouin villages or amazing nights at the desert under thousand stars.

Diving in Ras Abu Galum usually starts from coast down a sandy slope to reach a plateau where you’ll find coral formations, especially in the south of this spot, with large pinnacles and beautiful rock formations. From there, staring at the blue you’ll see schools of jacks and trevallies. In the coral gardens of Ras Abu Galum are great specimens of fire coral, brain coral or table coral and it is plenty of soft corals. 

Bluespotted stingray in Ras Abu Galum. Pic by mindgrow

Among the most outstanding wildlife in this diving spot you’ll dive with crocodile fish, emperor angelfish, turtles, clownfish, lionfish, bluespotted stingrays or pufferfish. Hopefully you will receive, in the plateau where there is still some seagrass, dugongs, sea cows that can be seen in a few areas of the Red Sea. Should be noted in this area underwater caves, called Ras Mahlam, located at 328 meters deep, which access is prohibited by being too dangerous, several technical divers have died inside this cave system.

Diving Ras Abu Galum, Dahab

Where is Ras Abu Galum?

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