Sha’ab Rumi, Jacques Cousteau´s laboratory

The crinoids of Sha’ab Rumi special caused surprise to Cousteau´s team during Conshelf II expedition. Image by david_salvatori

Sha’ab Rumi is possibly the most famous and dived reef around Sudan. Beacuse of its past, where Jacques Cousteau created his experiments of Conshelf II and where he filmed the movie «World without sun», shark sightings and incredible number of reef species that dwell therein deserves a diving trip.

The reef, located 48 kilometers off Port Sudan, is one of the most popular destinations in Sudan for shark diving. Gray sharks, whitetip sharks, silky sharks and hammerhead sharks are almost always present in the dives in Sha’ab Rumi, attracted by strong currents that can even complicate the dive. In the north is where Cousteau stood his lab and even today we can dive through the garage where he parked the futuristic submarines used in the expedition.

The most interesting area is the reef in the south, with a plateau that looks out to sea and is surrounded by steep walls covered in coral where you can see schools of barracuda of more than 100 specimens, tuna, large groupers, giant parrotfish, sweetlips fish, batfish, all kinds of triggerfish, angelfish and the aforementioned sharks. Also are frequent the visits to the area of groups of curious bottlenose dolphins

Where is Sha’ab Rumi?

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