The Bells – Dahab, Red Sea

the bells of the blue hole dahab briefing
The bells of the Blue Hole briefing

The Bells, also known as «The Bells of the Blue Hole» to be next to the best known dive site of Dahab, is a classic diving spot because its beautiful view of the sea that you can get of the ocean in the exit but also for the coral, both hard and soft, and the variety of reef fish.

Scuba diving in the bells of the blue hole
Starting the dive in The Bells. Pic by jrover

The Bell is a crack in the rock that carries a maximum depth of 147 feet with two exits in the path leading to a pool where the ocean view is extraordinary. Throughout the dive towards the exit you will see beautiful formations of fans and black corals. Before leaving the dive, look at the blue, you may see in the turtles and a reef sharks.

Where is The Bells of the Blue Hole?

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