Brothers Daedalus Elphinstone dive trip: the wildest route in the Red Sea

Considered by many divers the best route of the Egyptian Red Sea if you want is to dive with sharks and in coral-laden walls, if you join this safari you will dive in the famous Brothers Islands, Daedalus and Elphistone, also known as The Golden Triangle. Undoubtedly the Brothers Islands is the highlight of this route. These two islands are the refuge of thousands of species and the encounter with pelagic creatures is very common. Its walls full of life, the currents and the spectacular nature of the fauna are the main attraction of these islands, without forgetting the possible sightings of oceanic white tip sharks, hammerhead sharks or thresher sharks.

Liveaboards in this route visit the reef of Elphistone, located to the south and whose life surprises and amazes even the most experienced divers. All kinds of pelagics visit the cleaning stations on this reef where their walls are lost in depth. You will also dive in Daedalus Reef, the farthest from the coast and in the midst of frequent currents that fills with nutrients this place famous for sightings of oceanic white tip sharks. Large schools of hammerhead sharks live around this reef and come frequently to feed.

We recommend you 5 liveaboards in Brothers Daedalus Elphinstone route throughout all or almost all the year. You can check their availability, upcoming departures, liveaboard features and book online at the best price with the guarantee of PADI.

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What does a Red Sea Brothers route diving safari looks like… 

Diving season in the Red Sea

You can dive in the Red Sea all year round, with surface temperatures ranging from 18º C in February to 45º C in August and great diving conditions and water temperature all year round. The Summer and the end of Spring are very hard in Egypt, I still remember my first trip to the Red Sea at the end of May with 40º in the deck of the liveaboard at 9 am. So good news for the cold-natured: the water is sooooo nice in summer and spring, about 25º C. It is very common to see in late spring and summer many divers wearing shorties or 3 mm wetsuits, but for the rest of the year with a 7 mm or a 5 mm would be enough. In winter the water drops to 18ºC. 

What diving certification do I need to join a diving safari in the Red Sea?

The Brothers Daedalus Elphinstone route is only suitable for Advanced Open Water Divers and at least 50 dives experience is recommended.

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