Brothers Daedalus Zabargad diving trip, the most desired route for shark diving lovers in the Red Sea

The Daedalus, Zabargad and Rocky Island liveaboards will take you to an almost virgin area where life flows. The strong currents that this reef receives tend to run from north to south along its steep walls bringing much food and creating incredible action under the surface, both large and small life. This southern area of the Red Sea brings together three of the islands with the best chances of diving with sharks, mainly hammerhead sharks, oceanic white tips and thresher sharks. Rocky Island and Zagarbad are areas not frequented by many liveaboards, being almost on the border with Sudan where encounters with sharks are very common and you will dive almost on your own.

We recommend you 5 liveaboards in Daedalus Zagarbad and Rocky Island route throughout all or almost all the year. You can check their availability, upcoming departures, liveaboard features and book online at the best price through our official partner, the global online travel agency PADI TRAVEL.

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What does a Daedalus Zagarbad Rocky route diving safari looks like… 

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