North Red Sea diving safari, the classic route

In the North of the Red Sea you can dive in one of the most famous and interesting diving routes in the Red Sea: the Sinai Classic North Route. From Ras Mohammed National Park to the Straits of Tiran, this route offers a wide selection of best diving spots of the Red Sea: multicolored reefs full of life, walls full of corals and some of the most interesting wrecks from World War II like the iconic Thistlegorm are just a few examples of the wonders you can find diving in the North of the Red Sea. This route, the most popular and the one that more often divers from all over the world repeat, ensures every divers satisfaction, no matter diving level. 

Here you have 5 North Route Red Sea diving safaris with an excellent value for money. Click to know more about each of the boats: availability, description, if it includes NITROX, language spoken… and make an online reservation with the guarantee of PADI through its online diving travel agency PADI Travel.

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Top 5 value for money Red Sea Sinai Classic Route liveaboards

What does a Red Sea diving safari looks like…

Diving season in the Red Sea

You can dive in the Red Sea all year round, with surface temperatures ranging from 18º C in February to 45º C in August and great diving conditions and water temperature all year round. The Summer and the end of Spring are very hard in Egypt, I still remember my first trip to the Red Sea at the end of May with 40º in the deck of the liveaboard at 9 am. So good news for the cold-natured: the water is sooooo nice in summer and spring, about 25º C. It is very common to see in late spring and summer many divers wearing shorties or 3 mm wetsuits, but for the rest of the year with a 7 mm or a 5 mm would be enough. In winter the water drops to 18ºC. 

What diving certification do I need to join a diving safari in the Red Sea?

North routes are suitable for Open Water Divers.

Diving and travel insurance

When you organize a dive trip by yourself, with flight connections and travelling with your own diving equipment is highly recommended to hire an international diving & travel insurance that includes medical treatment, covers accidents, equipment loss and cancellation.  

Flights to Egypt / Red Sea

Cairo is the main airport city of Egypt, but the closer departure points to the liveaboards in north route are Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada airports (for North routes). There are many direct flights to these locations from all over the world, but many more flights will connect to the Cairo airport before flying to the final destinations. Upon arrival to Egypt, all guests must pay an entry visa of $25.00 to the Egypt immigration service. Some liveaboards offer free transfers from the airport or hotel as a part of the liveaboard package deal. However, when transfers are not included in the price, visitors can expect airport transfers to range from $10.00 to $70.00 depend on the airport and departure port. It is very important that after booking your liveaboard deal confirm with the boat booking crew time of boarding and airport where you have to fly.

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