The most complete selection of liveaboards in the Red Sea

From the coral gardens of Ras Mohammed National Park to the Straits of Tiran, the historical World War II wreck, to the sharks of Brothers or Sudan, the Red Sea is one of the best diving options in the world. Full of options, close (especially for Europeans), economic and suitable for all levels.

Below you have the most comprehensive selection of liveaboards in the Red Sea. Search, compare and book online your next Red Sea Safari with the guarantee of PADI and its online travel agency.

Book your liveaboard to dive in the Red Sea at the best price

Why are liveaboards the recommended option for diving in the Red Sea?

Provides you access to some of the best wrecks in the world

Diving in liveaboards grants you access to very interesting areas of the Red Sea such as the reef of Abu Nuhas, with 4 spectacular wrecks like the Giannis D, take 3 dives including a night dive in the magical SS Thistlegorm, or dive in an underwater powder keg in Sudan, the Umbria. In a liveaboard you’ll feel like you are taking part of the naval history of 20th Century and in crucial episodes of the World War II.

Shark diving

Only through liveaboards you can join the southern routes of the Red Sea like Brothers or St. Johns, diving in pristine reefs far from the coast in ideal environments for sharks as exciting as the oceanic white tip shark, gray shark, thresher shark… and even hammerhead sharks!

Suitable from Open Water divers

If you are an unexperienced diver do not worry, you can join the liveaboard routes of the northern Red Sea, such as the Siani classic route, and make first class dives such as the ones in Ras Mohammed National Park or Shark and Yolanda Reef.

Close destination

The Red Sea is a very close destination (for Europeans and Asians, of course). In a little more than six hours flight you get to Egypt to take your transfer and get on board your diving boat. No jet lags or endless scales. The plug and play of XD diving.


Indeed, the liveaboards of the Red Sea are some of the cheapest in the world. You can have liveaboard deals with a week of diving all inclusive for about € 500 and flights from € 300 so, well organized and with time, you can get a great dive trip to the Red Sea for less than € 1,000!

Unique land excursions

And since you’re in Egypt, why not a land extension in Cairo? You can expand your diving vacation knowing a unique civilization! The Valley of the Kings, Aswan, The National Museum of Cairo, the Grand Bazaar… an unforgettable experience.

Short navigations

For those who get dizzy on boats, the northern route of the Red Sea is perfect since the dive sites are nearby and with very short and calm navigations.

Book your liveaboard to dive in the Red Sea at the best price

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