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The Tubbataha Reef is located in the Sulu Sea and is recognized by many experts and divers with hundreds of dives in their belt as the best diving in the Philippines and possibly one of the best in the world. We are talking about a reef that hosts almost 400 different species of coral and 500 of fish, with 11 shark species living there and where you can see up to 12 species of cetaceans and many sea turtles. A delight for really demanding divers.

The diving season is quite short, just from March to June, because of the strong currents that Tubbataha receives during the rest of the year… that on the other hand leaves the reef in perfect conditions and fed for the diving season. By the way it is recommended to plan the trip with at least 8 months in advance.

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How good is Tubbataha Reef liveaboard diving?

Tubbataha 2016 Aboard the Palausport HD (9 mins) from mikko hilario

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Tubbataha reef diving season

In Tubbataha there is no better or worse moment of the year for diving… there is only one time of the year in which it is possible to dive in Tubbataha! The diving season in Tubbataha is very short, from March to June.

What diving certification is required to dive in Tubbataha?

Diving in Tubbataha requires experience, in some liveaboards require a minimum certification of Advanced Open Water Diver and more than 100 dives in your logbook. It is not a diving destination for beginners, it can have very strong currents and the dives take place in areas of great depth.

How do I get to Tubbataha?

Tubbataha liveaboards depart from the island of Palawan, more specifically from its capital, Puerto Princesa. It is about an hour’s flight from Manila, check for tickets in Cebu Pacific and Philippines Airlines.

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