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Historical World War II wrecks of the Red Sea? Maldives whale sharks and manta rays? The multicolored coral gardens and critters of Indonesia? The massive schools of hammerhead sharks of Cocos Island? The white sharks of Guadalupe? What are you looking for? We have it! Find below the most complete selection of liveaboards and diving safaris in the world.

We offer you almost 300 liveaboards, the best in the world, in the most desired dive destinations. Search, compare and book online at the best price with the guarantee of PADI and its online travel agency.

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Why are liveaboards the best choice for a diving vacation?

Up to 5 dives a day 

Liveaboards are the perfect choice if you want to make the most of your diving vacation. Many liveaboards offer unlimited diving, what means up to 5 dives a day including a night dive! You can end your week with more than 24 dives under your belt.

Recommended liveaboards

The best dives under your feet

On a liveaboard you will not waste time in transfers to the diving spot, you will literally live on top of the best diving spots in the area. You will wake up (notice if it is your first liveaboard vacation: you will wake up veeeeery soon) and before the time that you are having beakfast in your day to day life you will already be surrounded by coral reefs, manta rays or sharks.

The only option to dive in the best dive sites in the world

Liveaboards are the only possible option to reach some of the best diving spots in the world. The famous Galapagos whale sharks, Maldives manta ray cleaning stations, Komodo reefs or Cocos hammerhead sharks, just to give a few examples, are only accessible from liveaboards.


The vast majority of dives that take place on liveaboards are remote, far from the coast and from diving centers. Liveaboards visit exclusive zones where in many occasions there will be no more diving boats than yours. A luxury for any diver only possible when we stay on liveaboards.

The best option for underwater photographers

Liveaboards are usually the best option for underwater photographers, there are even many boats that schedule several weeks a year with specific itineraries for underwater photographers. These trips will not only take you to unique dive sites that will allow you to be on the water for as long as possible, but also include underwater photo workshops led by professional photographers

All inclusive!

Yes, the price is usually somewhat expensive when compared to a diving resort vacation, but in liveaboards everything is included: food, drinks, accommodation and dive guides.

24 hours a day diving

If you really are a diving and underwater life lover, liveaboards are the best option for you. You will be surrounded by other 18 to 20 dive buddies and super experienced divemasters that love ocean as much as you. Liveaboard vacations are an extraordinary opportunity to learn and make friends with a solid link: the underwater world. You will have a week to talk about wildlife, diving material, settings, diving trips, destinations, underwater equipment… this kind of diving trips are a unique opportunity to share knowledge and diving experiences.

Are you ready?

Our partner PADI Travel has the largest selection of liveaboards worldwide. Check out the schedule of liveaboards in each of the destinations and book online at the best price. It’s just one step before your biggest underwater adventure 🙂

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