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Underwater stories


Two years before the first spacewalk Jacques Cousteau was placing in the Red Sea an underwater city where 10 oceanauts would live for a month.

el titanic español

There is another Titanic with a similar story to the famous ship that sank in 1912. The Spanish Titanic has a unique peculiarity: it can be dived.

Check our list of 20 best movies about scuba diving.

sea animal facts

Of the nearly 400 known shark species most of them are… completely unknown… even for some marine biologists.

Do you know how many species of sea turtles inhabit our seas and oceans? Learn more about the 7 species of sea turtles that live with us.

This 10 rare dolphins will give you a much broader view of these mammals.

Why Fordivers?

because we love the ocean. we are passionate about scuba diving

We are driven by our fascination for the ocean. We know that we share with you the love for nature and sea animals. Can a simple clothing brand inspired by scuba diving, the oceans and sea life help protect our planet?

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