Diving in Dom João de Castro bank – Azores

Huge schools of small and large pelagic creatures look for this rich waters. Pic by Greenpeace Oceans

The Dom João de Castro Bank is an underwater volcano emerging from more than 1,000 meters to just 15, where the dive starts. The incredible fauna of this seamount is not the only main attraction, in this Azores bank you are diving into the top of an old volcano caldera that now has vents and dizzying vertical walls leaking gases, creating a unique scene. João de Castro, which had its last major eruption in 1720, is located between the islands of Terceira and San Miguel and access is only possible by boat.

The bottom has four peaks between 40 and 50 meters deep where you’ll find exceptionally clean water, with high visibility. Thanks to its strong currents, it allows us to enjoy the visits of pelagic creatures such as mobulas, carangidae, huge wahoos, tunas or sea turtles.

dom joao de castro bank diving
Volcanic activity in Dom João de Castro is constant and we can see gases escaping from the interior of the volcano. Pic Greenpeace Oceans 

Diving is not easy in this bank and requires some experience because of its depth and currents but is considered one of the best diving spots in Azores because of its mix of pelagic creatures and volcanic scenarios.


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