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The archipelago of Palau, with its «rock islands», is one of the most beautiful places on earth and is reputed to have some of the best dives in the world. It is cataloged as a destination of the highest quality, with lush marine life, high visibility waters, nutrient-laden streams, the world’s first shark sanctuary, manta rays cleaning stations and a variety of types of diving where each dive is different and exclusive: wrecks, caves with incredible lighting effects, a multitude of large pelagic species, dizzying walls that plunge into the abyss, reef life, soft corals and gorgonians, swim in Jellyfish Lake with thousands of harmless jellyfish, mythical dives in the Ngemelis Pass (Blue Corner), Kayangel and the Peleliu Islands (Yellow Wall, Peleliu Express), emotions secured in the big wrecks (ships and planes) of the Imperial Japanese Navy of the Second World War as the Iro Maru, the Chuyo Maru or the Helmet.

Immerse yourself in one of the most incredible dreams that a diver can carry out, in any of the 3 dive cruises in Palau with which we work or resorts, through specialized diving travel agencies in Micronesia, with all-inclusive trips, from the flight to insurance, transfers and accommodation in full board. All with the guarantee of official agencies specialized in diving trips.

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 SirenSolitude One
from 4,100 €from 3,625 €
Palau AggressorPeleliu Resort
from 3,630 €from 2,565 €


DAY 01. Departure destination Manila with Singapore Airlines. Night on board

DAY 02. Arrival in Manila at 1:00 p.m. Link to the flight to Koror (Palau).

DAY 03. Assistance at the Koror airport and transfer to the selected liveaboard. Boarding, presentation of the crew and distribution of cabins. 7 nights on board. Dives for 6 days (diving package of 20 – 21 dives). Palau is reputed to be the most complete dive in the world with lush marine life and a variety of types of diving: wrecks, caves, large pelagic, reef life, soft coral… On this day, 2/3 dives: Helmet Wreck / Chandelier Cave / Fishing Boat / German Channel.

DAY 04. 3/4 dives. German Channel / Blue Corner / New Drop Off / Big Drop Off / Ngedbus Corner.

DAY 05. 3/4 dives. Virgin Blue Hole / Blue Holes / Turtle Wall / Big Drop Off / Turtle Cave.

DAY 06. 3/4 dives. Peleliu Wall / Cut / Express / Corner / Yellow Wall / Orange Beach.

DAY 07. 3/4 dives. German Channel / Blue Corner / Sias Corner / Sias.

DAY 08. 4 dives. Shark City / Ulong Channel / Iro Maru / Mandarin fish lake / Chandelier Cave.

DAY 09). Breakfast. Optional tour to Jerry Fish Lake & Milky Way. Food. Transfer to the airport to take a United Airlines flight to Manila at 20:45. Arrival in Manila at 22:30 and transfer to the hotel. Stay in bed and breakfast.

DAY 10. Transfer to the airport to take flight to destination

DAY 11. Arrival to destination


  • Flights.
  • Airport and fuel taxes (305 EUR to reconfirm).
  • 7 nights on board in full board.
  • 3 dives a day + 1 night dive with lead bottles and guide.
  • Snorkel tour in the jellyfish lake (jellyfish lake).
  • State rates for accommodation.
  • Transfer to / from the airport.


  • Everything not specified in the ‘includes’ section.
  • Diving permits ($ 100 with jellyfish lake, $ 50 without jellyfish lake)
  • Diving permit in Peleliu ($ 30).
  • Departure rate of the country + «green tax» ($ 50).
  • Dinner if you check in the night before
  • Dinner if you check-out later ($ 50)
  • Nitrox ($ 8 per dive).
  • Diving equipment.

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