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Red Sea wreck diving


The wrecks are one of the main attractions of diving in the Red Sea. This sea gives us the incredible feeling of diving in the remains of battles of World War II, in boats that represents recent tragedies that took the lives of hundreds of people, to see the consequences of navigation errors occurred over a century ago or diving in the naval history through the remains of early steamboats.

In the Red Sea you can find some of the world’s most famous shipwrecks and some other unknown but with exciting stories. Almost all of them are, after decades under the warm water of the Red Sea, laden with corals and lots of tropical fish have build there a safe home from predators and strong currents. Click in the images to know its history and how is the diving in the best wrecks of the Red Sea.

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Umbria wreck diving, one of the best wrecks ever

The Umbria, one of the best wrecks in the world. Image courtesy of ©laleena1 Built by the Schiffswerks Rieherst company ...
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salem express briefing

Salem Express, shocking wreck diving in Red Sea

The Salem Express has an air of mystery that overwhelms any diver. When the Salem Express sunk in 1991, it ...
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Numidia wreck diving

The Numidia wrck from Brothers Islands, more than a century under the Red Sea. Image by festeban The Numidia was ...
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kingston briefing

Kingston wreck diving, Red Sea

Kingston wreck briefing The Kingston was a cargo ship built in 1871 by the Commercial Steamship Company in England. With ...
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Diving the SS Thistlegorm, the Red Sea legend

Pic by ©Simon M Brown diveimage The story of the Thistlegorm begins in the shipyards of JL Thompson and Sons ...
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giannis d

Diving the Giannis D, the most photogenic wreck

The Giannis D with Greek flag The Giannis D was built by the Japanese shipping company Kuryshima and launched in ...
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rosalie moller

Rosalie Moller wreck diving

Rosalie Moller wreck diving map The Rosalie Moller is one of those remnants left at the bottom of the Red ...
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SS Dunraven diving

Diving the Dunraven. Pic by ©Marc Sentís The SS Dunraven was built in the shipyard of Mitchell, Newcastle, in 1873 ...
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carnatic 1860

Diving the Carnatic wreck, Red Sea

Carnatic map Few wrecks in the world are able to get you into the history of sailing as the Carnatic ...
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