The most complete selection of liveaboards in Socorro Island

There are just a few places to dive similar to Socorro Island. In just one dive you can find dolphins, 4 different species of sharks or gigantic oceanic mantas. That can only happen in three more other places in the world. If your dream is to dive with the biggest predators of the ocean, Socorro Island is your place.  

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What does a Socorro Island liveaboard diving look like?

Best liveaboards in Socorro Island

Why Socorro Island has become one of the best diving destinations in the world?

Manta Rays

In Socorro we can find some of the most extraordinary oceanic manta rays (Manta Birostris) of the ocean, extraordinary because of its size and for the curiosity that they have for divers and their bubbles. Encounters so intimate and close with manta rays that can reach up to 6 meters in span and more than a ton of weight is only possible so usually in Socorro.

Humpback whales

From January to April the humpback whales and their calves cross the archipelago of Socorro looking for warmer waters. In few places in the world you can find humpback whales in the same way as in Socorro. No liveaboard can guarantee that you are going to find them in your dive trip, but there are plenty of possibilities during this time of the year, since hundreds are «fleeing» from the cold waters of Canada looking for the warm south.

7 species of sharks

Socorro, as great Pacific diving destination as it is, is home to a large number and variety of sharks which you can dive with very easily. The big hammerhead sharks stand out, but there are also encounters with whale sharks, silky sharks, galapagos sharks, silky sharks and even tiger sharks! Socorro is one of those pelagic destinations par excellence along with Galapagos and Cocos.


Socorro is a destination suitable only for experienced divers due to its strong currents and great depths which, together with the fact that only 10 liveaboards operate in the area, you will find yourself isolated in a wild place where you live 24 hours a day for diving. Definitely a diving destination for the most demanding divers.


Due to the respect that the few boats that operate in Socorro have for both the animals and the environment, bottlenose dolphins are very playful with divers, boats and dinguis, so the underwater encounters with them are very common, close and friendly.

Roca Partida

This diving spot is a summary of everything that Socorro can offer. A dive here can be a shock, a kind of Stendhal Syndrome for many divers. Finding in the same dive dozens of sleeping whitetip sharks, giant manta rays, dolphins, whale sharks or humpback whales is only possible here. And it is possible to see all these jewels in a single dive in Roca Partida.

Best time to dive in Socorro Island

There are two diving seasons in Socorro Island, being from November to May the best time to dive, specially in November. In addition, sea conditions in the Pacific ocean are much better, with less waves, more sunny and only occasional it rains.

The famous giant mantas of Socorro Island can be seen all year round but during the winter months there are more chances to see whale sharks and a very special visitor, humpback whales, that mate and come to give birth during winter in Socorro Island. It is at this time when there is more plankton in the water, which on the one hand reduces visibility but also attracts mantas and whale sharks.

Summer months are low season for tourism and diving in the area. The sea becomes more complicated for navigation and as the water gets warmer less pelagic species can be seen. Many of the boats that operate in Socorro Island go to Guadalupe during the summer and until October to dive with white sharks.

What diving certification do I need to join a safari in Socorro Island?

To dive in Socorro Island you’ll need at least Advanced Open Water Certification. Nitrox certification is recommended.

How do I get to Socorro Island?

To get to Socorro Island you have to fly to the International Airport of Los Cabos. Avianca could be a good option but we recommend using sites like Tripadvisor, Expedia or similar to find the best deals on flights to Los Cabos.

After arriving to Los Cabos airport need to go to Cabo San Lucas by taxi or bus and you will have to spend the night before the cruise. It is recommended to stay at Quinta del Sol or the Seven Crow Hotel. The most important thing is that after booking your dive cruise you confirm with the agent or the cruise staff the time limit of arrival at the boat or if the transfer is included in the deals, hotel to pick you up and time.

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