The Sibenik Archipelago -Croatia

The coastal waters of Sibenik contain an Archipelago made up of 249 islands. These little islands make marvelous getaways if you’re looking for a rustic vacation experience especially by a yacht charter or boat. The islands include:

Murter Island – Murter is the biggest and most populated island in the archipelago, with easy to access via a bridge just north of Vodice. 

Slanica Bay – This bay is popular for swimming and sun bathing during the day, but becomes a party haven at night with a range of pumping beachside clubs 

Kaprije and Zirje – These two little islands just south of Murter, have remained unchanged for decades. They offer pretty coves, bays, islets and reefs. Zirje used to be a strategic defence point for Šibenik.

Zlarin and Prvic – Zlarin and Prvic are the closest islands to Šibenik. Zlarin is known for its coral fishing and handmade coral jewellery. Prvic is a perfect for people wanting to relax in isolated, natural surroundings.

sibenik diving

One popular diving site is from the Sibenik Bridge. At this site the surface waters mix with the waters of the River Krka, moreover the depths offer a saltwater habitat for marine life. When diving there, the dive should be from the left shore where the current is weaker. Aside from Sibenik, Croatia has a gorgeous coastline with more than 1000 Croatian Islands that offer excellent Croatia accommodation options. The water in these areas is clear, making for excellent scuba diving spots. People visit the area purely for scuba diving. There is a variety of exciting finds hidden in the water from submerged cliff faces to shipwrecks and even sunken planes. Other diving spots in Croatia include:

Bisevo Grotto, Vis Island – The name means Blue Grotto, this diving spot is just off Vis Island. This sea cave, is a wonderful location for diving and is a well-loved beauty spot. You can find a wide variety of marine life including lobsters, corals, octopus, and scorpion fish among others. It is arguably one of the best diving spots on the Adriatic. 

Taranto, Dubrovnik – Here, the wreck of the Taranto ship is submerged just off the coast of Dubrovnik. It has been laying there since 1943, creating an underwater playground for marine life. Some of the marine life includes schools of mullet fish, scorpion fish, cardinal fish and many more. With such variety to offer, it’s definitely one of the best scuba diving spots in Croatia and the Adriatic.

Premuda, Pag – The island of Pag is located north of Zadar, it is connected to the mainland via a causeway. The most popular diving spot in the island of Pag is Premuda. The name represents an underwater «cathedral». Of course, there isn’t an actual cathedral but rather a series of connected caves and a spectacular underwater light show that is one of a kind in the world. Marine life found in this part includes octopus, spider crabs, amberjack and corals. For the more adventurous and experienced divers, there is a tunnel that connects to the main cave. All these wonderful diving spots awaits you in Croatia, promising an unforgetful and wonderful experience.

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