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Top Maldives liveaboards at the best price

The best option for diving in Maldives is definitely through liveaboards. Although there are hundreds of resorts that offer diving activities, if you want is to make the most of your diving holidays there is no doubt that your best option is a liveaboard. Most of the diving in Maldives is drift diving through the atolls and their channels, passing along the nutrients that provides life to the reef, attracting small life but also the famous big animals of Maldives: manta rays, whale sharks, grey sharks, turtles, humphead wrasse, sweet lips, jacks

Maldives is after Indonesia the country with the best and biggest liveaboard network, with almost 40 liveaboards covering different routes from North to South and with a wide range of prices and facilities. 

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What is it like to dive in Maldives?

What can a Maldives liveaboard trip offer you?

Manta rays and their cleaning stations

There are few underwater shows as exciting as watching manta rays dancing around the cleaning stations waiting to be cleaned by fish. Sometimes up to 20 majestic mantas come to these points where divers who take part in liveaboard trips simply wait in the sea bottom and enjoy a moment so intimate and close that few places can offer as Maldives does.

Whale sharks

Maldives is one of the best destinations in the world to dive with whale sharks, practically guaranteed to dive with them 99% of times. Only by liveaboards you can have this chances of approaching the Maldives channels and seeing them passing by. 

Luxury diving

Maldives is one of the destinations with the most luxurious liveaboards in the world, with authentic floating spas and 5 star hotels where in addition to excellent diving you’ll have more than relaxing moments between dives. The liveaboards in Maldives has become famous for being the most luxurious and exclusive in the world.

Much cheaper than it seems

Despite the previous point, Maldives is a much more cheaper destination than we usually think. You can find liveaboard deals to dive in Maldives from just € 1,100 and with offers of flights of around € 600 from Europe, your dive trip to one of the best places in the world such as Maldives can be as cheap as € 1,700. Not bad for such an exclusive destination, right? 😉

More than special routes

Maldives has some unique routes dedicated to shark lovers, such as the «Sharkastic» route where you’ll become a master about the habits and life of Maldivian sharks. You can also join programs organized in collaboration by the NGO «Manta Trust» to raise awareness about the defense of manta rays as well as making exciting diving itineraries dedicated to dive in the best spots in Maldives to dive with manta rays.

Diving for all levels

Whether you are Open Water or Advanced, in Maldives you’ll find routes suitable for you, with few currents and where the less experienced will feel comfortable to southern routes and between channels where the current is the protagonist, in Maldives there is diving for everyone.

What is the best diving season in Maldives?

Although you can dive in Maldives all year round there is certainly a better moment to go to make the most of your diving vacation in Maldives. It is recommended to dive in Maldives between November and May… moment where there are also more divers interested so it would a good idea to book your spot in advance, at least 4 to 6 months.

The water temperature goes between 26 to 30 degrees Celsius (80 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit) with visibility from 20 meters to more than 30 meters. Water depths include shallow reefs, deep walls, and everything in-between ensuring every diver can find their perfect dive.

What diving certification do I need to join a diving safari in Maldives?

Minimum logged dives are required by many Maldives diving liveaboards, Scubaspa Yang and Ying being the exceptions. Ocean Divine requires 20, MV Orion and Amba require 50, and Carpe Vita requires 100. Safety briefings on boats like Scubaspa Yang and Ying are conducted on day one. Check dives on Maldives liveaboards are often held in Male on the first day.

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Flights to Maldives

Travellers bound for Male can take direct flights from Dubai, Singapore and Colombo. Longer international flights from Europe, America, China, India, and Australia are all readily available, often connecting through the airports mentioned above. From the UK, expect at least a 13 hour trip. From Germany or Australia, the flight duration is at least 12 hours. Divers arriving from the USA can fly first to Singapore, with a flight duration of 20 hours from Los Angeles. The most important thing is that after booking your dive cruise you confirm with the agent or the cruise staff the time limit of arrival at the boat and airport to which you are flying.

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