Underwater Cameras Shopping Guide

Underwater cameras and action cameras shopping guide

This photo, video and action cameras shopping guide is designed for those who are starting in the underwater world of photo or video. It is a selection of 10 of the best action and underwater cameras of the market, all of them excellent options for beginner, selected by Fordivers team beacuse of its price, ease of use,autonomy of its battery, durability, connectivity and compatibility with other equipment.

Next you will find the different recommended cameras and marked in every camera the best online price.

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Intova Duo
Max. depth 30 m 
33.49 $Best price!37.72 $40.75 $48.95 £Best price for UK!
Sjcam SJ4000Max. depth 30 m74.90 $61.58 $ Best price!87.91 $
61.95 £Best price for UK!
Nilox Mini WIFIMax. depth 30 m104 $104 $99.95 $Best price!72.95 £Best price for UK!
Intova DubMax. depth 30 m83.91 $Best price!96.92 $119.99 $110.95 £Best price for UK!
Garmin Virb XMax. depth 50 m229 $Best price!249 $271.42 $289.95 £Best price for UK!
Gopro Hero 5 BlackMax. depth 10 m without housing394 $399 $345 $Best price!
Sealife Micro 2.0 Pro 2500Max. depth 60 m999 $Best price!999 $Best price!1,051 $771.45 £Best price for UK!
Sealife DC2000 Pro 2500 SetMax. depth 60 m1,099.45 $
1,099 $1,461.45 $1.011,95 $Best price for UK!
Sealife DC2000 Pro Duo SetMax. depth 60 m1,399 $Best price!1,399 $Best price!1,690 $1,300.95 £Best price for UK!

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