The blue in black and white

When there is no color in the big blue, photographers of the underwater world need to master composition and the use of lights and shadows. Turning the ocean that we know into a monochrome space requires much more than just removing colors.

With the owner’s permit, we bring you a series of pictures from great underwater artists who are able to turn the general idea that we have of the ocean as a place full of colorful and constantly moving life into another completely different space… but which is still our ocean. With great talent they immerse us in a much more elegant, melancholic, serene, peaceful and even exciting big blue by going far beyond removing color.

Picture courtesy of ©Ellen Cuylaerts
Sarah Lee
Picture courtesy of ©Sarah Lee
whale shark in black & white
Picture courtesy of©Todd Bretl 
Andy Deitsch
Picture courtesy of ©Andy Deitsch
dolphins in black & white
Picture courtesy of ©Stu Mayhew
humpback whale
Picture courtesy of ©Craig Dietrich
Jacques de Vos
Picture courtesy of ©Jacques de Vos
black & white jellyfish
Picture courtesy of ©Sergio Matilla

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